Myths Related to Search Engine Optimization

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Ranking in Google’s top search results has become an important mission for businesses

With the time both the value and demand of search engine optimization) have increased a lot.

With the popularity and demand, the optimization world is caught up in a lot of Search Engine Optimization myths and misconceptions. Many of the myths may really funny to read but a few of them can actually harm your efforts.

Search Engine Optimization Myths:

They are as following:

Myth 1 – SEO is a One-Time Effort

Consider two different scenarios to understand this myth:

Scenario 1: You started an SEO campaign for one month and it gave you no results and now it seems useless to you and consequently, you halt the campaign.

Scenario 2: In the second situation, you started the campaign for the same duration but it gave you positive outcomes and you halt the campaign as you are satisfied with the results.

The Truth:

SEO is not a magic that all the work is done automatically. It is a process which never ends. This involves planning, strategies, time, and hard work. This is time consuming and you need to understand it.

In the first case, when the result was nothing, you should understand the reasons behind the failure, instead of halting the campaign in the mid.

In the second situation, you think that you have achieved the desired results and that it was a great enough outcome for you. 

Without continuous improvement and maintenance, the whole thing falls into degradation.

Myth 2 – SEO is Dead

Another myth is SEO is dead.

It’s really annoying when people say ‘SEO is dead’.

The Truth

SEO is certainly not dead. It’s just changing and updating with time.

If you compare previous SEO methods with today’s SEO methods, you will see many improvements.

But, SEO is such a massive domain of conventional and new approaches that it’s silly to say that: “SEO is dead”.

Myth 3 – SEO is All About Ranking

Despite the fact that there’s a strong connection between search ranking and click-through rates, the first position ranking should not be your ultimate end goal.

 Top rankings do not always assure more success.

The truth

This is the biggest myth that higher provides you higher search traffic.

Spending a lot of money just to rank for an irrelevant high search volume keyword is just a waste of time, money, and effort.

Your SEO strategy should be excellent. Your keywords should be related to your business so that your customers can find you easily.

In this way, you can generate more traffic and leads.

Myth 4 – Search Engine Optimization is Inexpensive

This myth is absolutely wrong because SEO is neither cheap nor is it easy.

It is a complicated and ongoing process that takes lots of time and money to position your web pages on the SERPs.

 You have to compete with several businesses in order to maintain search engine ranking.

All businesses might try to rank for that keyword as much as you are, and they might be willing to spend more to get there.

The Truth

In reality, SEO is not cheap. It’s just pretending to be inexpensive.

Usually, many companies may offer free trials and cheaper SEO packages to clients.

Almost all agencies know that small and medium-sized organizations can’t afford to spend a lot of money on SEO. In this case, they prefer cheaper alternatives.

In order to attract these small & medium-sized organizations, these agencies offer economical SEO services.

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